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Attention! Changes in the Main Library

Since the beginning of October, the entrance to the library is next to the gatehouse. Lending Department is located on the ground floor, room 1. Reading Room is on the first floor. Access to the Department of Information and Promotion (until 3 pm), and to the secretary's office, is through the previous entrance.

Library opening hours during the holiday season

July: open Mon-Fri 8.30-14.30

August: closed

September: open Mon-Fri 8.30-14.30


On 17.06 (Friday) Main Library and faculty libraries will be closed for the study visit (training).


3.06 Library will be closed.

Changing the location of Lending Department

IMG 5458


Lending Department was moved to the ground floor of the Lipsk building, main entrance, to the right of the porter's lodge .